A refreshingly traditional approach to what is a traditional method of imaging

Title: Lee Frost’s Simple Art of Black and White Photography: Easy Methods for Making Fine Art Prints

Author: Lee Frost

ISBN: 0715316338

Publisher: David & Charles

Edition: Paperback

Review: Lee Frost takes a refreshingly traditional approach to what is an intrinsically traditional method of imaging. Based on his experiences as a film photographer, Lee explores key shooting, processing and outputting techniques, all finely honed to suit those with an artistic passion for black and white photography. The book ably deals with essential subjects such as exposure, depth of field and composition, but practical details deal in terms such as film speed, developing and darkrooms, rather than CCDs, editing and software.

Much of the advice from across the book’s 140 pages nevertheless manages to translate well for photographers of a more contemporary persuasion and, while the emphasis is firmly on the analogue workflow, the level of detail will aid digital users’ understanding of this enduring branch of photography. Excellent for those who still enjoy the odd dalliance with film, insightful to those who only deal in digital and a great reference for the rest, Lee Frost’s Simple Art of Black and White Photography has much to offer through its beautifully presented pages.