Review of the Lastolite Hi-Lite Background

Manufacturer: Lastolite
Model: Hi-Lite Background
Price: £229

The Lastolite Hi-lite background is based on Lastolite’s pop-up system but consists of two panels, joined by an outer skirt. Four metal rods are added to each corner for support and rigidity to produce a giant 5×7 foot softbox.

A studio light can then be shone into the box, via the zipped gaps on the side to provide a lit background. The subject can stand against the background for a perfect white background, with no shadows.

Alternatively the unit can be used as a large panel light to provide a soft diffused light from the side or front. Without the light, it could be used as a standalone reflector. After your shoot, you can collapse the unit back into its 3 foot bag for easy carriage and storage although the double-panel unit is even more difficult to pack up than a regular Lastolite reflector.

The unit is free-standing and portable making it ideal for home and location studios, and provides a nice, even light, provided that you have a powerful enough strobe.

It’s a little bit expensive for occasional use, but so much easier than using a white paper background and a pair of lights just to light the background, so ease of use and convenience add a massive wow factor.

It’s easy to use and delivers a perfect white background with no shadows

Provides a good, clean background, small storage footprint, portable

Can be difficult for one person to collapse

What Digital Camera Score: 90%