Review of the Lastolite ePhotomaker

Manufacturer: Lastolite
Model: ePhotomaker
Price: £49.99

Amongst the light tents out there for producing small product shots is the Lastolite ePhotomaker.

Designed for one light, the unit is a pop-up type, with taut fabric including a white diffuser on one side and a silver reflector on the other, to provide coverage across the image.

The object is placed inside the tent with a light to the left side shooting through the diffuser fabric.

A collapsible reversible grey/white card is supplied to aid in exposure and white balance calculations, while a blue filter is also included for placing over a tungsten light source such as a desk lamp, to reduce the yellow colour balance.

Objects can be shot against the white sweep curve inside the tent, or other fabric or card could be used.

A table-top tripod is included for compact users too.


This is a good all-in-one solution that requires little more than a camera, a desk lamp and something to take pictures of.

Light coverage is even and fairly shadow free, especially with careful positioning of your subject and light. Ideal for eBay selling sprees.

Reasonable price, good lighting spread, well made, out of the box solution

Open front might cause problems for very reflective subjects

What Digital Camera Score: 90%