Review of the Kenko Auto Digi Light Meter

Manufacturer: Kenko
Model: Auto Digi Meter
Price: £199

Kenko has taken over the production of the respected line up of Minolta light meters, revamping the series with an overhauled design.

The 1100 is the baby of the series and measures incident and reflected ambient light thanks to a removable invercone, as well as flash output.

Readings can be shown as aperture values from f/1.0 to f/90 or as Exposure Values (EV) from -17 to 40.8. Exposure readings are accurate to a tenth of a stop, and memory and analyse functions can be used to measure lighting contrast and brightness ratios.

Thanks to instant viewing on LCDs, light meters are not as much of a necessity nowadays, but if you have a home studio, the 1100 is still very useful and has all the tools you need to get your exposures spot on, particularly if you use multiple lights and reflectors. Cabled and non-cabled readings can be taken, and a PC sync socket is included.


Useful for snappers with a home studio

Accurate, well made

Not much

What Digital Camera Score: 90%