Review of the Kaiser Dome Studio Light Tent

Manufacturer: Kaiser
Model: Dome Studio Light Tent
Price: £24.95

Kaiser has taken a different approach to its light tent than others here, with an umbrella-design domed tent.

Imagine an umbrella without the handle and you’ve pretty much got an idea of how it works.

There’s no base but it includes a reversible white/grey background skirt which can be lit to provide a graduated background and a more traditional look, although you could also make your own with other fabrics and Velcro them in.

A cord at the top opens the frame when pulled, while the usual brolly mechanism in the roof can be used to collapse it. It even folds down to the size of a brolly.

The only downside is the open front which is less than ideal for the really shiny stuff as you and the camera are likely to be seen in the reflections.

An elegant and simple solution that is easy as pie to use

Ease of use

No base and open front

What Digital Camera Score: 87%