Review of the Inveresk Somerset Enhanced Velvet

Manufacturer: Inveresk
Model: Somerset Enhanced Velvet
Price: Per Pack: £21.00

Somerset Enhanced Velvet is an established fine art favourite from the St Cuthbert’s Mill in Somerset. We tested the lightest paper available, but the Somerset range encompasses all the weights and textures you could want. Despite being just 225gsm, the sheets – in A4 size at least – don’t feel underweight. You may want to go for a heavier weight when printing larger though.

The most comparable paper has to be Epson’s Fine Art Velvet, with a similar surface texture and base white. We think that the Epson has the marginally better density, suggesting a better-performing coating on the Epson paper surface. This is reinforced by a look at the colour gamut results for the two papers, with the Epson paper noticeably, if not radically, larger in area. The textured surface of the Somerset has a finer dimpling, but it’s more pronounced than Epson’s. Depending on your needs, either one could appeal.

Number Of Sheets In Pack: 25
Cost Per Sheet: £0.84
Weight (gsm): 225
Surface Coat Type: Matte
Base White: Moderately warm

A good quality paper with its own unique characteristics.

Good quality overall

Epson paper shows marginally better density

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