Review of the Interfit EXD200 Home studio

Manufacturer: Interfit
Model: EXD200 Home studio
Price: £299

Interfit’s system comes in a tough black case and features a pair of Interfit EXD200 flash heads, which the company claims is suitable for digital and film cameras with its 5v sync trigger voltage.

Built-in Slaves

The Guide Number of the lamps is 45m adjustable down to 1/8 power in 1/10stop increments, allowing accurate control over four stops. Recycle time at full power is quoted at two seconds, and each flash is accompanied by an optional flash-ready beep, so you know you can continue shooting. The lights have built-in slaves and the kit comes complete with a full-sized PC sync cord to connect the flash to the camera.

Also in the bag are a pair of lightweight stands and a softbox and white brolly, as well as two dish reflectors for directional light. Two detachable power cables are also included.

Lightweight Stands

The units are pretty well made and have an attractive rubberised finish. The kit fits together well, and the softbox is well designed and easier to fix together than the Elinchrom models. The stands are a little too lightweight, with a bit of wobble when fully extended, but stable. Interfit doesn’t quote the colour temperature, but like all flashes they should be daylight balanced at around 5500°K. In fact the Nikon D3 we used to perform the test struggled to get a good colour from the lights, producing images that are too cold.

The colour temperature registered as 5000°K on the Raw file, but we needed to push this up to 6500 to get better images. This is fine if you shoot in Raw; it’s easy to correct the file. However, for JPEG shooters, you may need to adjust the white balance of your camera manually to compensate. In use, the lights are bright and quick to recharge, making them a joy to use. The amount of control is great too, with quick and easy adjustments made to the output levels, indicated by an LED readout.

Flash Heads: 2 x EXD200
Other Contents:
Stands, brolly, 60cm oftbox, leads, bag
Guide Number: 45mb
Output: 200 Joules
Recycle Time: 2 sec
Output Levels: 1/8 to full power in 0.1EV increments
Trigger Voltage: 5vbr> Slave: Yes
Modelling Lamp: 60W Halogen
Colour Temp: 600K ±200K
Dimensions: 275 x 245 x 265mm
Weight: 1200kg

These relatively powerful lights offer good
control. The kit is well made, though you may want to invest in some
sturdier stands. The light quality lets it down a little and you’ll
need to manually set the white balance or shoot Raw and adjust

Good output control, plenty of accessories, build quality

Inaccurate colour temperature

What Digital Camera Score: 84%