David LaChapelle's extreme visions redefine celebrity imagery

Title: Heaven to Hell

Author: David LaChapelle

ISBN: 3822836966

Publisher: Taschen UK

Edition: Hardback

Review: Almost anyone who’s anyone (and Paris Hilton) has been subject to the extreme vision of David LaChapelle. This mammoth book, awash with colour and Guy Bourdain-esque surrealism documents those whom the world knows only too well in bizarrely caricatured scenarios. From models being overpowered by inflatable fast-food to Elton John spectacled by a pair of fried eggs, the book takes a self-deprecating look at the world of celebrity and American culture, with much nudity and destruction along the way. Though some may find its brash contents a little overwhelming, it nevertheless showcases the indisputable talent of one of the most exciting photographers of his generation.

What Digital Camera Score: 90%