Review of the Green Clean Sensor Cleaning System

Manufacturer: Green Clean Sensor Cleaning System

Unless you’ve got one of the latest ‘dust-busting’ DSLRs, dust marks on your sensor are likely to be a very annoying problem. However, with Green Clean’s Sensor Cleaning System a dirty sensor will quickly become a thing of the past.

The Green Clean system employs a two-stage assault on debris, starting with the use of an air-canister – not to blow the dust off, but to vacuum it off. With your camera’s mirror locked up and sensor exposed, you insert the rigid plastic nozzle into the camera body, with the ‘Mini Vacuum’ attachment on the CFC-free air-canister creating the suction required to pull dust off the sensor without you touching it.

Travel Kit

This system works well in dealing with fine dust particles resting on the sensor’s surface, but it won’t remove marks and smudges that are more stubborn. If this is the case with your sensor then the wet and dry, hermetically sealed swabs can be used to finish the job by physically wiping the sensor clean. The kits are available for full-frame and smaller (APS-C sized) sensors, with three pick-up ‘trumpets’ for the vacuum and three sets of swabs allowing three cleaning cycles. Additional swabs, pick-ups and air cans are also available, as is a ‘travel kit’ with a smaller canister and no swabs.

As always, care needs to be taken when touching your sensor and you should ensure your battery is fully charged so the mirror doesn’t close with the swab in its path. With that taken into account, this is an effective cleaning solution that should save you a trip or three to your local service centre.

When used carefully and to the letter this DIY sensor cleaning kit can save you time and money.

Everthing you need, saves on costly professional cleans

Sensor cleaning can be a fiddly business, and if it goes wrong…

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