Review of the Gitzo Windproof Fleece

Manufacturer: Gitzo
Model: Windproof Fleece
Price: £230

The upper pockets are fairly large but still aren’t really designed to hold anything bulkier than a fat wallet.

I was at a loss to understand the purpose of the elbow pads; you cannot stalk a subject on all fours wearing a photo vest as the pockets get in the way and fleece is highly durable anyway, even at points where bony elbows rub it from inside. I’d rather have extra comfort and flexibility than this added bulk.

In contrast to the same company’s waterproofs, the rear pocket on this jacket is padded and although not really deep enough, could accommodate a 300mm f/4 or 400mm f/5.6 telephoto lens at a push.

Our Verdict:
While the main pockets on this sit a little higher than those on the Gitzo waterproof, they are still a few inches too low for comfortable mobility.

What Digital Camera Score: 75%