An authoritative and solid introduction to the world of nature photography

Title: Exposing Nature: The Natural History Museum Photography Guide

Author: Frank Greenaway

ISBN: 056509193X

Publisher: Natural History Museum

Edition: Paperback

Review: The Natural History Museum may be one of the most revered celebrants of natural history, but what is not commonly known is that it also incorporates a highly respected photography unit. Hoping to capitalise on this pioneering wing of the National History Museum is Exposing Nature, a tome put together by one of the photographic unit’s most experienced lensmen.

The book is broadly aimed at all photographers looking to achieve more effective wildlife shots, and sets out to achieve this through clear instruction and large-format prints that offer an acutely inspirational appeal.

Design is modern and clean throughout, and this is accompanied by a level of instruction that is highly accessible to new users. It may not be the most stimulating guide to hit the shelves, but its association with one of nature’s greatest institutions ensures an authoritative and solid introduction to the world of nature photography.