Review of the Elinchrom D-lite 2 twin head

Manufacturer: Elinchrom
Model: D-lite 2 twin head
Price: £395

The Elinchrom flash heads each offer a Guide Number of 45m, outputting at 200 Joules. The kit comes complete with a small and mid sized softbox as well as a pair of fairly sturdy stands. Elinchrom is well known for its professional range and these budget lamps offer a similar experience to the high-end kit.

Total Control

The level of control down to 1/16 power with 1/10 EV increments is impressive, with an LED readout indicating the selected power. A built-in slave allows each unit to fire simultaneously and a ready beep informs you of the recharge. Elinchrom states a recycling time of 0.7sec at full power, and we  were easily able to shoot continuously during the test session.

A pair of shoulder bags are included, one for the lights and cables and another for the stands and softboxes. A DVD with a beginners’ lighting guide is also provided.

Softbox Struggles

The only real problem we experienced with the Elinchrom kit was when putting the softboxes together from the kit supplied. The four poles that stretch the outer casing are slightly too long and it took two of us to stretch the outer skin over the tips of the corner pole. As a reasult it took us about 15 minutes and lots of swearing to achieve the task. Once done though, and attached to the lights, it was a pleasure to use the kit. Collapsing the softboxes also caused problems resulting in slightly bent poles.

The lighting quality from the Elinchrom is very pleasant, though. Even though Elinchrom quotes the colour temperature at 5650°K, the D3’s AWB shot at 5050°K. Setting the slightly higher number to the Raw files made a small improvement.

The softboxes provide a lovely diffusion and produced great light tonality.

Flash Heads: 2 x D-Lite 2
Other Contents: Stands, 65cm & 53cm softbox, leads, bag
Guide Number: 45m
Output: 200 Joules
Recycle Time: 0.7sec
Output Levels: 1/16 to full power in 0.1EV increments
Trigger Voltage: 5v
Slave: Yes
Modelling Lamp: 100W E7
Colour Temp: 5060K
Dimensions: 210 x 160mm
Weight: 1100kg

While the Elinchrom kit might be more expensive than some other lighting options, the added cost is worth it. Not only do you get powerful lights
with plenty of control, you get a set of excellent if frustrating
accessories. It’s all worth it for achieving decent light quality and
good photographs, though.


Light quality, fast, accessories, accurate colour, build quality

Difficult to build softbox

What Digital Camera Score: 89%