Review of the Duracell Value Charger & Batteriesrn

Manufacturer: Duracell
Model: Value Charger & Batteries
Price: £15

Chances are that if you own a photographic device that runs on standard AA batteries – such as a compact camera, DSLR or flashgun – it’s going to be a fairly power-hungry beast. If you’re shooting with any kind of regularity, it’s more than likely that you’re building both a costly and non-environmentally friendly pile of empty batteries – maybe it’s time to go rechargeable?

Battery-behemoth Duracell boasts a comprehensive line-up of rechargeable battery options, and the NiMH value battery charger represents great value for money at just under £15. The unit charges both AA and AAA batteries, so there’s no need to buy a separate unit, while it boasts a battery charging time of under six hours.

The batteries perform excellently, managing to easily outlast non-rechargeable competitors on test (when used with the Pentax K-m DSLR).

AA + AAA compatibility

Slightly bulky charger

Our Verdict:
Overall, the Value Charger and 1800mAh batteries is a great value package that’ll not only save you money but also help you save the environment.

What Digital Camera Score: 89%