Review of the Domke FXB

Manufacturer: Domke
Model: FXB
Price: £60

Designed by US photojournalist Jim Domke, the Domke range of bags cut down on the bulk of padding and protection to offer a lighter, smaller models.

There’s still enough protection for small spills though.

This is a slim, fairly wellmade bag, with space for a small body, lens and flash in a zip-up compartment and a small, open document pocket in front.

The straps are secure and well made, and there’s a belt loop for using it as a bum bag. On the downside, it’s light but a bit girly and the fabric marks easily.

The fact that this bag is designed to be as compact as possible goes a long way, but the lack of padding also worried us slightly

Lighter and smaller than comparative sized models

Design is a little girly and also the fabric marks so it can look scruffy very quickly

What Digital Camera Score: 80%