Digi Cover Plus - Test Review

Manufacturer: Digi Cover Plus
Price: £4.10

A scratched LCD screen is not only going to devalue your camera if you come to sell it, but it will also impair your view of menus and images. DigiCover Plus ‘foils’ prevent this by adding an extra layer to your screen.

The self-adhesive, self-healing clear screens are designed for specific camera models and are optically clear, provided that you smooth out air bubbles when you fit it.

A ‘victim’ camera fitted with a DigiCover foil withstood sustained abuse, including a nasty scratch with a scalpel that irreparably marked an unprotected portion of the LCD. While the scratch didn’t disappear from the DigiCover, it was reduced to the point of being innocuous, and on removal it was clear it had done its job.

If you worry about damaging your LCD, this is a cheap but effective solution.

Cheap but effective

Beware of air bubbles when applying

What Digital Camera Score: 85%