Review of the Crumpler Pretty Boy Backpack

Manufacturer: Crumpler
Model: Pretty Boy Backpack
Price: £75

The traditional camera bag was never something that exuded much sex appeal, and even now most wouldn’t exactly make the grade. But this no longer is the case, since slightly unbalanced Australian bag manufacturer Crumpler came to the fore, splashing its colourful creations on the backs of cyclists and photographers alike.

Essentially a half-photo, half-backpack bag, the Pretty Boy Backpack is split into two sections via a partition that can be unzipped and folded down, with the bottom part dedicated to gear.

One body and a few lenses fit into the bottom, which comes with four smaller removable partitions, while the front pocket is ideal for any memory cards or accessories.

The bag also has a waterproof lining which, together with the covered zips, offers a great deal of protection. Made from Crumpler’s Chicken Tex Supreme fabric, the construction of the bag is undeniably strong, but up to a point where it impedes its functionality. The zips for each compartment in particular can be difficult to open fully, given how little space there is between the zip and surrounding flap. Of course, this is in place for protective purposes but in use it’s a little too awkward, especially as part of its purpose is for the continuous accessing of gear. Also, the top compartment has a somewhat small opening, which can make adding or removing items a bit tricky.

There’s no question that your gear is well protected and for general slinging around, the bag is a perfect choice. If only some of the bulletproof-ness of the bag had been sacrificed for easier access, then the bag would be a fantastic backpack option

These bags are designed for couriers so they are tough and durable


Zips are diifcult to open because of the tough material the bag is made from

What Digital Camera Score: 82%