Review of the Crumpler Daily Bag

Manufacturer: Crumpler
Model: Daily Bag
Price: £60

Crumpler has an intriguing approach to the luggage market: appear as wacky and original as possible while maintaining that their products will ‘make you sexy’. And while this marketing approach can cause confusion as to the role of the product, there is no doubting the quality and popularity of their camera bags.

The Daily is one of Crumpler’s specialist Photobags and, as a result, comes complete with a removable well-padded inner camera pouch, allowing the bag to alter between camera case and messenger bag with ease.

In fully-fledged Photobag mode, the medium size Daily manages to fit a DSLR with lens attached, and a couple of lenses or flashgun comfortably. Extra storage is on offer via a front pouch which has separate zipped compartments. The Daily is comfortable in carriage and access to the camera compartment is simple, thanks to the full opening cover flap.

Available in six sizes and four different colours,
Crumpler’s The Daily impresses with easy access, a spacious and
protective inner padded shell and comfortable usage

Removable padding, comfortable in carriage

Not much

What Digital Camera Score: 91%