Review of the Colour Confidence Studio XR2 software package

Manufacturer: Colour Confidence
Model: Studio XR2
Price: £179

Colour Confidence has put together a comprehensive package with the XR2 designed to match colour from camera to print in as simple a way as possible.

The box features a Lastolite-style grey and white card for shooting, a Gretag Macbeth Eye One colorimeter for creating monitor profiles and the Kodak Colour Management Check-up kit to aid in matching monitor to print outputs. It stops short at including a true printer profiler, but that would only put the price further up anyway!

The Eye One colorimeter, in particular, is very comprehensive, with a wide array of colour patches displayed on screen during calibration and is, by far, the best monitor profile produced.

The monitor looked very punchy with clean colours and excellent contrast/brightness ratios, while the added kit should aid those who want accurate colour to get it fairly easily.

Accurate colour fairly easily

Inclusive kit, excellent colour results

3 part software can be confusing to a newbie

What Digital Camera Score: 92%