This inspiring book makes close-up photography accessible to everyone

Title: Close-Up and Macro: A Photographer’s Guide

Author: Robert Thompson

ISBN: 0715319035

Publisher: David & Charles

Edition: Hardback

Review: Macro is one of the most popular photographic genres. Whether you spend £100 or £900, most digital cameras have macro modes, making close-up photography accessible to everyone. A large section of the book is dedicated to choosing the correct kit. Thompson shoots using digital and film and looks at the advantages and disadvantages of both, as well as which lenses, flashguns and tripods to use. The remainder focuses on composition and shooting different types of subject.

Thompson avoids technical jargon and doesn’t include shooting information, commenting: ‘each situation is unique and can’t be repeated.’ Instead he focuses on photographic technique. The standard of photography is inspiring throughout. Thompson has chosen subjects such as insects and flowers that can be found in a back garden or local park, an approach that helps to make the book accessible; instead of pining for exotic locations you feel inspired to go outside and start snapping.

Thompson’s enthusiasm and knowledge of his subject is unmistakable. Beautifully presented and accessible, this book is a worthwhile investment for anyone keen on this genre.