An essential resource for the digital camera revolution

Title: An Illustrated A to Z of Digital Photography

Author: Nigel Atherton And Steve Crabb

ISBN: 2884790772

Publisher: Ava Publishing

Edition: Paperback

Review: The popularity of digital-based imaging solutions has quickly developed its own technical language of terms and instructions that can be mystifying to the new and expert user alike. With a range of tips, facts and exercises for honing skills and exploring the hidden functions of your digital camera, this illustrated A–Z is a friendly, functional guide to getting the very best results from your subjects and equipment.

From ‘Architecture’ to ‘Zoom’, fully indexed, and with a complete course of unique Photoshop tutorials to help the reader to grasp both fundamental and expert techniques, this title represents the leading edge of digital design theory and practice. Its stylish, comprehensive layout makes it an essential resource for anyone who cares to use the freedoms of the digital revolution.