Stuck for a gift idea? Why not get your favourite photo printed - and it’s not just paper that’s available. Here we take a look at some ideas for using your own photo to create bespoke gifts for Christmas.

Using one of your own photos to create a Christmas gift means that your present is unique, nobody else will have it and shows that you’ve taken time to put a little effort into creating something for somebody else.

There’s a huge array of different products that you can get your photos printed on to nowadays, so it doesn’t just start and end with a giant poster print (although that can be a good option too!).

Here’s a look at some of the options which are currently available on the market, to suit a variety of different budgets. Some of these gifts will take either a little while to create, or to ship, so make sure you allow plenty of time before December 25th to avoid disappointment.

There are lots of places where you can get most of the below gifts, but we’ve included some links to get you started.

Mobile phone and tablet cases


Keep your phone safe and secure and banish a generic phone case design by using one of your own. If you’re going to make one as a present, make sure that you check which phone the recipient uses to make sure you order the correct size.

You can also get larger cases for iPads and other tablets too, which will show off your photography even better.

Available from: Snapfish (pictured), Tesco Photo, Jessops, Vistaprint

Christmas ornaments


Particularly appealing to those with families, you could get baubles, each printed with a member of the family to hang on the tree. Obviously this is a gift that you’ll probably want to create and give before the big day itself, but it’s one that could be brought out every year for fond memories.

Available from: Snapfish (pictured), Vistaprint

Jigsaw puzzles


A great way to while away the hours on Christmas day, a jigsaw featuring one of your own photos is a lot more fun than a generic painting or beach scene to somewhere you’ve never been. Perhaps you could create a jigsaw for some newlyweds using one of their wedding photos, or something for a child featuring a photo of its own face. The possibilities are endless.

Available from: Snapfish, Jessops


Take a sip of your favourite hot drink and see one of your loved one’s faces at the same time. Ideal as a gift for parents and grandparents, it’s also a nice way to commemorate weddings, events and special holidays.

Available from: SnapfishTesco Photo, Jessops, Vistaprint

Canvas prints

mothersday canvas 1

Quite a bold present, a canvas print can be a great way to display your best artwork. If you’ve got something you’re particularly proud of, seeing it loom large in a friend or relative’s living room can be really fulfilling (perhaps get permission first). Alternatively, a great family photo is also a classic to go over the fireplace.

Available from:, Jessops (pictured), SnapfishTesco Photo, Vistaprint


A gift that will keep on giving throughout the year, a calendar can feature a range of your different photos. You could stick to one theme (say family), be completely random, or perhaps keep it seasonal. This is a gift that allows you to get really creative so take your time to get it right.

Available from: Snapfish, Tesco Photo, Jessops, Vistaprint



A cushion with your favourite photo on it can be a good way to funk up a living room. You can go from the not so subtle family shots, to abstract images which work well with a room’s colour scheme – again perhaps it’s best to ask before deciding on this as a present.

Available from: Snapfish (pictured), Tesco Photo, Jessops


Make a family meal particularly special (or slightly strange) by each having a corresponding place mat with a portrait on – saves the hassle of having to make place cards anyway. Alternatively, you could print your best landscape shots, or maybe food shots.

Available from: Snapfish, Tesco Photo, Jessops


ops_quad_stadt_0001_open_hc_p2 copy

A great way to compile a set of photos from a special occasion or a holiday, a photo book is a sweet present as it takes time and effort to create. There are those which pull shots directly from Facebook or Instagram, while others allow you to design every single aspect of the gift.

Available from: Snapfish, Tesco Photo, Jessops (pictured), Vistaprint