There’s hundreds of things you can buy for kids this Christmas, but by using your own photos you can make something just that little bit more special.

Choosing a gift for a child can be a tricky task, just like with adults. By using your own photos you can create something that’s a little bit more special than the bog standard gifts you can get from anywhere.

Have a look at these ideas for some fun ways you can make gifts to brighten up a child’s stocking.

Photo Teddy


How do you use a photo to personalise a teddy? Simple – have the teddy wear a t-shirt with the photo on. You could either put a photo of the child you’re giving the teddy to, or of somebody in their family. Or perhaps you could use a photo of a beloved pet, or a favourite place they like to hang out.

Available from Photobox (pictured), Asda Photo, Snapfish

Photo Jigsaw


Better than putting together a puzzle of a generic place or face, the photo jigsaw puzzle is a great idea for kids. Using a photo of them often goes down a treat, as does a photo of mum, dad or other family members.

Available from Photobox (pictured), Asda Photo, Snapfish

Photo Lunch Bag

Photo lunch bag

One easy way to make your child’s lunch bag stick out from the others at school is to use your own photo. If you use a photo of the child on the bag there’s no way somebody could mistake it for somebody else’s.

Available from Bags of Love (pictured)

Photo Christmas Stocking

Photo Stocking

Prevent family arguments about whose stocking is whose by printing photos directly onto the stocking itself!

Available from Bags of Love

Photo Stickers

Photo Stickers

Kids love stickers, and those with their own faces will be even more appreciated. Kids can use them to customise books, toys and more with the stickers – look for easily removable furniture friendly ones if you’re worried about upsetting mum and dad.

Available from Photobox (pictured), Asda Photo

Photo Money Box

Encourage your favourite little saver with a personalised money box. This works great if there’s more than one child as each can have a box with their own face on. Otherwise, you could use any favourite photo of a family member, pet or place.

Available from Asda Photo

Photo Pencil Case

Photo pencil case

Create a design that no other kid in the classroom will have by using one of your own photos to make a photo pencil case. Again you could use the child’s face for the case, but a landscape, macro or abstract will also work well to create something unique.

Available from Bags of Love (pictured), Asda Photo