Tiffen Photo fx iPhone app review

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Overall score:89%


  • Cheap and a lot of fun


  • Some ‘novelty’ effects


Tiffen Photo fx iPhone app

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While the iPhone may be the one stop to most things technical, one of its criticisms is that it’s lacking a serious camera. For that end, there may be better mobile phone/camera options on the market when it comes to image capture, but when it comes to processing power, there are few phones that can come close to the iPhone’s capabilities.

Leading filter company Tiffen has obviously spotted the opportunity to utilise the processing power of the iPhone with a new application available for the device – Photo fx. The application offers users the chance to apply an effect to either photos captured on the iPhone, or images already stored in the device’s photo memory. Within the range of effects are some 26 filters, in five different groups, with several of Tiffen’s award-winning filter effects replicated in a digital form.

Once the desired effect is selected, intensity can be altered with on-screen sliders, the effect of which is previewed instantly, while images can also be edited in both landscape and portrait mode.


The Tiffen Photo fx iPhone app is cheap and a lot of fun, though some of the 'novelty' effects are a bit dodgy.


System Requirements:iPhone
Download Link:Available from the Apple Application store
Type:iPhone Application