Olympus's twin flash uses the same FC-1 controller as the ring flash, but offers more control options........

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Overall score:86%


  • Light control and quality, simple to use, well made, price


  • Less specified than some competitors


Olympus STF-22


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Olympus’s twin flash uses the same FC-1 controller as the SRF-11 ring flash, but offers more control options. Each light plugs into a pair of sockets on the front of the controller via two coiled cables. The lights offer a single GN of 16m or 22m when combined; output can be adjusted for each lamp via the controller up to 1:8 ratio.

The lens ring allows 360° positioning of the lights, which also have 360° vertical rotation, giving lots of opportunity to bounce the light from other surfaces. A pair of diffusers is also included for more lighting control. The horizontal movement is 45° outwards and 60° inwards. The lights are also set forward over the adaptor, allowing close positioning to the subject.

Additional benefits over the ring flash include a far greater compatibility with Zuiko lenses, with seven lenses listed, though some may require additional adaptors. Like the SRF-11, the unit is simple to operate and works in harmony with Olympus cameras to provide excellent exposures.


The lighting control is excellent, with good coverage from 35mm, with just a little fall-off. The flash heads’ position allows precise illumination of the subject while knocking out the background completely if necessary.


Tilt / Swivel:No
Compatibility:C, N, Sig
Guide Number:14