A small, lightweight video lighting device powered by LEDs. The Litepanels MicroPro Hybrid review follows...

Product Overview

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Overall score:85%


  • Portable, variable, daylight balanced light source, low power output, stays cool, flash is a useful addition


  • No auto control of flash, expensive


Litepanels MicroPro Hybrid review

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The Litepanel’s appeal is in its ability to provide, in a lightweight and small device, daylight balanced continuous light. Ideal for video, it can be adjusted in brightness using a dimmer control, with light coming courtesy of a grid of LEDs, which don’t get hot and consume relatively little power. The MicroPro Hybrid now features flash too, making it more useful for stills shooting. The flash output is 400%, or two stops, brighter than the continuous light.

It fits onto the camera’s accessory hotshoe, but synchronisation 
comes via a PC sync cord, while you’ll have to work out flash exposure manually as there’s no TTL metering. This makes it less versatile than a proper flashgun but at least you can use the LCD screen to work out the exposure.

Six AA cells provide 1.5 hours of power, and there’s an optional mains adaptor too. The angle of the light can be adjusted thanks to the micro ball head, and it can be used off camera. The white balance from the LEDs is a little on the cool side, but the unit is supplied with two filters – a warm-up and a daylight-to-tungsten conversion filter.


The Litepanel MicroPro Hybrid is an excellent video accessory even without the flash, but this additional functionality makes it even better for users of video-enabled DSLRs. The only downside is the cost - at over £400 it isn't cheap.