very year the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition – also known as ‘Take a View’ – both astounds us with awe-inspiring images of Britain and rubs our noses in our own inadequacies behind the lens.

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Landscape photographer of the year: Collection 5

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The pictures in this latest collection span, as usual, the full range of scenery available in our small but photogenic little collection of islands: moorlands, forests, coastal scenes and urban sprawl. This glossy hardback reminds us that geography is no barrier when it comes to landscape photography and that great pictures are possible wherever we happen to live. That said, there is an obvious and understandable bias towards the prettier bits. Being a photography book the captions are not mere travelogues but tell the photographic story, and full camera, lens and exposure information is provided for each 
shot so that we can learn from the photographers, but also perhaps so that Canon can gloat at their total dominance in this area. Perhaps it should become a sponsor.