Kodak's EasyShare D1030 has an attachable front-element to make the whole unit look like a ‘traditional' frame...

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Overall score:82%


  • Large display, dual design concept


  • Plastic build quality, oversized borders, non-touchscreen, price


Kodak Easyshare D1030 Frame


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There are now a large number of photo frames on the market, all fighting for space and attention. Kodak’s EasyShare D1030 takes the stance of having a dual design concept, as there’s an attachable front-element to make the whole unit look like a ‘traditional’ frame. Although, with its grey and off-black plastic-like finish, it’s still not the most attractive of frames.

The display is a large 10in with 800 x 600 pixel resolution and there’s an internal memory of 512MB – enough to store a decent number of photos using the various card slots or USB. In terms of connectivity it’s well equipped and can accept photos from most sources, bar CompactFlash, though that isn’t a common connection for any photo frame out there.

Photos display well and the viewing angle is good; images remain punchy and bright without being overbearingly ‘fake’ to look at. It’s only from below that the viewing angle falters, but that’s not really going to be a common problem unless you place the frame too high on a surface or wall.

In use, there’s an anticipation of touchscreen controls which, sadly, lacks in this instance. As such, the off-screen orange-coloured light-up controls feel rather ‘spaced out’, particularly the two directional arrow sets. Navigation is simple, though, and won’t take more than a few moments to get accustomed to.


It's not Kodak's best, mainly due to its finish as opposed to any shortcomings in display technology. The price seems a little steep too, based on the current competition.