Two similar, but in some ways very different, iPad supports. The Joby Yogi/ Joby Ori review follows

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Overall score:82%


  • Stylish, variety of display positions


  • No protection for front (Yogi),
  • expensive (Ori)


Jobi Yogi / Joby Ori review

Price as reviewed:


Joby has come up with two nifty solutions for iPad supports. The Yogi is essentially a hard white plastic cradle with a slot to attach two of the bendy legs used on their tripods. It’s a simple solution that enables the iPad to be stood up at any angle for presentations, movie watching etc.

There’s no protection for the front of the iPad, so it‘s best considered a stand rather than a cover, while the legs add bulk if you want to carry it. The versatile Ori is a protective aluminium and polypropylene cover in three parts that can be folded in a variety of set-ups – it can be stood up tall for presentations, or laid on the desk at an angle for typing, for example.

It can even be rotated on the stand and comes into its own in professional environments. The Yogi and Ori are designed to fit the iPad 1, but Joby has just released iPad 2 versions too.


Two stylish, versatile supports, but the Yogi provides little protection for the screen and the Ori is a touch too expensive