What Digital Camera tests the IoShutter Release Cable Canon N3

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IoShutter Release Cable Canon N3

Overall score:85%


  • Works first time, quick to use, easy to setup


  • Length of the cable, additional settings cost extra


IoShutter Release Cable Canon N3 Review

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The ioShutter is a cable release that remotely fires your DSLR using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. After downloading the free ioShutter app from the iTunes Store you’re ready to shoot. It comes with five key functions – timer, bulb, lapse, sound and shake. The countdown timer can be set to 20 or 60 seconds, bulb mode offers 60, 90 and 120sec shutter speeds and time lapse provides presets with the option to take a shot every five seconds for up to five or 10 minutes.

All the functions worked well and by holding down the shutter button on the app you can pre-focus just like a traditional cable release. We’d have liked more countdown and time lapse settings, which are offered in the ioShutter Pro app (£6.99). Only Canon DSLRs are supported by the ioShutter release we tested, but there’s talk of ioShutter cables being produced for all types of Nikon DSLR in the not too distant future.