The unashamedly direct title of this book defines a lot of what’s within, by telling the reader exactly what they’re (probably) doing wrong and how to fix it.

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How To Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck

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Author: Steve Stockman

Don’t expect sprawling diagrams of lights and technical info, this is aimed at the short film-maker with a few pieces based around home movies. By placing the emphasis on the narrative rather than more realistic styles of shooting this book is something akin to the Guerilla Filmmaker’s Handbook, though not as 
all-encompassing. The language is relatively simple, though the concentration on how to structure scenes rather than how to effectively use the camera makes it somewhat limited in usage.

The images are sketches rather than photos, although each depicts the angle and framing in a manner that can be easily replicated. There isn’t a huge amount of information in the book, as each chapter is short and a large type-face used, but the sections each get to the point in a swift enough manner to make it a decent reference point for an up and coming filmmaker.