Digital Studio is designed to be a solution to all of your media needs in one tidy package and is split into four part...

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Overall score:87%


  • Great look, easy to use and achieve your goal


  • Can still feel like four programs, memory heavy


Corel Digital Studio

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Digital Studio is designed to be a solution to all of your media needs in one tidy package and is split into four parts: PaintShop Photo Express, VideoStudio Express, DVD factory, and WinDVD. These are organised by the Digital Studio Gadget: a small widget that sits on your desktop.

PaintShop Express opens up into an Organizer to allow you to quickly see all the images on your computer. The Action bar along the top gives access to some of PaintShop’s creative features, offering the ability to make photo projects, slideshows, or even upload your shots directly to YouTube, Facebook or Flickr.

Basic editing, such as rotation and a quick fix is available from icons around the image, though move the mouse over to the right and a full list of editing features become visible. These range from more advanced controls such as fine tune to the more lighthearted picture tubes and frames.

The VideoStudio works in much the same way as the Photo Express, using a similar Organizer screen as before. By double clicking on clip you enter the editing screen, which allows you to easily trim, split or take a snapshot from the video; while the additional tools give more advanced white balance, noise, brightness and shake-reduction controls. To make a movie, simply drag a range of clips from the main screen onto the media tray, along the bottom and choose Create movie from the Action bar at the top. You will then choose from a series of themes before editing, adding soundtracks and titles. The process is really easy to follow.

DVD factory authors DVDs. It helps you to create personalised menus, back up files, and burns discs. The software can also be used to capture video from digital or analogue tuners, make backup copies and copy content to mobile devices.

WinDVD is a well-established DVD viewer that offers an easy way to view your movies or creations on your PC. As well as standard playback it offers an enhanced menu to allow the sound, colours, effects, and even perform time stretching by speed or running times.

The Digital Studio is fully compatible with the new Windows 7 platform and supports touch controls throughout the software, with compatible machines. Overall it’s a very capable package with a stylish design. However, many PC users will find their machine may offer some of these functions from preinstalled Operating System programs.

At times the software can be quite memory intensive too. Perhaps with one central browser/organiser for all of your tasks the package would feel more complete too. However, at just £59, it’s a great deal, and makes multi-editing accessible to all.


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Platform:Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, or Windows® XP, with latest service packs installed
Type:Multimedia solution