If you want to create class B&W images from colour shots, check out the new toy in RAW workflow package Bibble 4.8....

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Bibble B&Wplugin

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There are numerous strategies for turning colour shots to black and white, from a simple grayscale mode change and levels enhancement to desaturation and channel tweaks. Arriving at a tonally balanced and rich result, however, can take a fair bit of time to achieve with an image-editing package such as Photoshop. But not with Bibble. Lurking in the Plugins menu of RAW workflow package Bibble Pro 4.8, a free upgrade for Bibble Pro 4 users, is a gadget that makes mono mastery a cinch.

The Black and White plugin features a menu that enables you to define how the software determines a mono conversion. For example, the Red vs Green & Blue entry uses a blend of blue and green which is compared with the image?s red values, the brighter value determining the black & white conversion. If that sounds confusing, download the demo, pass the mouse over the menu entries and see the resulting image dynamically update as different entries are selected. Couldn?t be easier.