provides a free 2GB for your public and private albums...

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Overall score:82%


  • Editing abilities, sharing possibilities, tie-in to other photo-related accounts


  • Limitations of editing, some reported phone bugs, complexity of adding friends efficiently


Adobe and Mobile

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Free 2GB

$20-$500/year  20-500GB  /

With Photoshop and Elements both household names, it was only a matter of time before Adobe expanded into the online realm with And now on-the-go editing using web-enabled mobile devices is also possible. provides a free 2GB for your public and private albums. It’s also possible to draw feeds from Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket and Picasa accounts, even copying images from these to perform edits.

The editing options are reasonable, if a little primitive compared to Photoshop’s paid-for programs. offers a wider array of options than Mobile, though being able to physically use your fingers on the iPhone to adjust your pics is a great way to edit. Something certainly missing from the Mobile version is the ability to ‘decorate’ images with crazy characters, party balloons and all kinds of other features – certainly fun for sharing from on various other sites or accounts, though in a different vein to much of the pro-standard Photoshop many will be familiar with. Those without any Photoshop experience may want to sign up for the excellent cropping tool alone, which is very intuitive with an auto image-rotate making great sense of straightening skewed horizons and other tasks. Images can be viewed large, as thumbs, zoomed in to as much as 800% and tagged or commented on. You can then export images to your hard drive as JPEGs, or share Flash-based slideshows.

In addition to personal and private albums you can also share group albums that your friends can ‘collaborate’ on. It’s somewhere between social networking and personal album building.  

The free account is certainly worth having, but there still needs to be more attention to development detail before it becomes a well-honed and easy-to-use site.

It’s worth noting that the iPhone app is totally free, which will likely unseat a lot of the paid-for photo apps currently out there. It’s well worth telling your friends about this one. While the app can’t plug into external accounts like Flickr, it does allow you to manipulate your iPhone images, as well as saving them or even uploading them to if you so wish.  82% Mobile  89%


Overall, the app is better value than, as the main site still needs some more work and consideration. As this develops, and we're all sure in the office that it will, Photoshop may have yet another winner. But until then, there's still some work to be done.


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