Pivot Power Flexible Surge Protector Review - A review of the innovative Pivot Power Flexible Surge Protector

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Overall score:80%


  • It's an efficient and flexible power strip which saves a lot of space; Able to take all adapters of shapes and sizes


  • Over-priced for an electrical power strip


Pivot Power Flexible Surge Protector Review

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Pivot Power Flexible Surge Protector Review

The new Pivot Power electrical power strip is a useful device to have whether it be for home or office use. It offers 500 joules surge protection and has a 1.2m cord with a flat head plug.

The unique features include being able to twist and bend the device into zig-zag and circular shapes to allow those bulky adapters to fit into each of the five plug outlets.

It is an adjustable tool which pivots around furniture and those difficult hard to reach places unlike the original, bulky power strips which clutter up a room. Ultimately, you save a lot of space in the long run.

The only con’s is its pricing at £29.99 which seems a little over-expensive considering what it actually does but overall, the pro’s outweigh the con’s because of the products efficiency.

The device is now available to buy from Maplin stores and through their website.