Olympus's FE range has always represented ease of use and good value, with each model becoming progressively more stylish

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Olympus FE-250

Overall score:87%
Image Quality:90%


  • Size, Simplicity, Image quality at low ISO


  • Noise at high-ISO settings, Navigation issues


Olympus FE-250 Review


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Olympus’s FE range has always represented ease of use and good value, with each model becoming progressively more stylish. The FE-250 currently heads the range, incorporating an 8MP sensor and 3x optical zoom into its diminutive body.

An ISO-based Digital Image Stabilisation mode compensates for the effects of camera shake, with the ISO range itself stretching to 3200 on a full-resolution setting and 10,000 in a reduced mode, making the latter only suitable for smaller print sizes.

The camera’s explanatory nature whenever a different function has been selected is a nice touch, which is in addition to the ‘Guide’ feature, displaying 11 common techniques and taking you straight to the appropriate mode on which to shoot them. Not only that, but 15 scene modes are also offered making the manual seem almost redundant.

If one criticism is to be levelled at the camera, it should probably be with regards to its optical zoom. With its predecessor boasting a 5x optical zoom in only a marginally bigger body, its inclusion here would have seemed to be a worthy compromise.

Images at ISO 64 and 100 are sharp, with good colour and little noise and even at ISO 200, noise is well controlled. There is a touch of fringing present but highlights are well controlled and retain good detail through their gradation.


Olympus has really impressed with its FE-250 model and it would serve as a great camera for general use, being slim, stylish and producing great images.


Connectivity:USB 2.0
Memory Card:xD
Flash Modes:6
White Balance:Auto, Sunlight, Tungsten, Overcast, Flourescent 1, Flourescent 2, Flourescent 3
ISO Range:64-10000 (in 3mp)
Metering System:-
Exposure Modes:Auto/Program 15 Scene
Shutter Speeds:1/2 - 1/2000
File Formats:JPEG
Lens:F/2.8-4.7 35-105mm
Dimensions:Refer to manufacturers website
Weight:Refer to manufacturers website
Sample Photos:View sample shots of the Olympus FE-250