Hasselblad introduces the H2D-39 the worldu2019s first 39MP digital SLR and three 39MP digital camera backs.

Hasselblad introduces the H2D-39 the world?s first 39MP digital SLR and three 39MP digital camera backs.
The H2D-39 is based on Hasselblad?s H2 camera. This high performance, shutter-based lens DSLR is compatible with the Hasselblad H System lenses and V camera lenses. Features include Digital APO Correction (DAC) and Instant Approval Architecture.
The CFH-39, CF-39 and CF-39MS (Multi Shot) are digital backs aimed at professional photographers and feature Hasselblad?s i-Adaptor interchangeable camera interface. An optional Multi-Shot Module uses a multiple-exposure technique to increase the colour resolution in a studio environment, producing moiré-free photos with a unique colour resolution.
Designed to match the design and functionality of the H2, the CHF-39 uses an H-system interface plate to mechanically attach to view cameras, while the flash sync connection triggers digital capture. Integration with the H2?s power system enables the camera and CFH-39 digital back to be powered by the H2?s Li-ion battery.
Found in the H2D-39 and three digital backs, Digital APO Correction (DAC) automatically corrects for colour aberrations with every photo taken, producing pictures of optimum quality and detail.
Christian Poulsen from Hasselblad comments: ?With the new 39 megapixel-based Hasselblad products we are confident that the outstanding image quality of the captured files? will substantially reduce the need for post-processing work and will be of significant benefit to our customers.?
As an alternative to previous colour management solutions, which often force professional photographers to use a specific profile, the new products include Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution. When used in conjunction with FlexColour imaging software, it is designed to produce accurate out-of-the-box colours, skin tones and gradations.
Hasselblad has developed a new raw file format, 3F RAW. Lossless image compression enables it to retain 33% less storage space and it can be converted into Adobe?s Digital Negative (DNG) RAW format.
The provisional price for the H2D 39 is £21,150 (£18,000 +VAT), the CFH 39 is £22,031 (£18,750 +VAT), the CF 39 is £22,031 (£18,750 +VAT) and the CF 39 MS is £26,438 (£22,500 +VAT).
All the products will be available in the first half of the year, find out more at www.hasselblad.com