Uniross has announced the worldu2019s first rechargeable battery that offers

Uniross has announced the world?s first rechargeable battery that offers “the behaviour of an alkaline.?
The HYBRIO battery claims to hold its battery life for over a year and a half on the shelf and is ready to use straight from the pack.
Key characteristics include the ability to hold its energy longer than a normal rechargeable, compatibility with any battery charger and can be recharged 500 times or more with a life of at least five years. The battery is also more environmentally friendly than regular cells and can easily be recycled at the end of the its life.
Simon West, Uniross Deputy General Manager says: ?This battery is unique. It outperforms alkaline disposable and normal rechargeable batteries, is environment friendly, has a long working life and can save £1,500 in replacement batteries for such a very low outlay?. A two cell and charger set costs £8.99 while a four pack and charger set will retail from £14.99. Find out full details at www.uniross.com