New Triggertrap app for iOS and Android boasts new user interface and 14 triggering modes

Almost exactly a year after launching its first camera-triggering mobile app, Triggertrap has unveiled the new version, Triggertrap Mobile 2.0.

Compatible with iOS and Android, the app boasts a greatly simplified interface that Triggertrap promises will greatly ease the process of switching between camera-triggering modes, of which there are 14.

Triggertrap says that it has listened to user feedback from the original app, implementing requested features such as allowing the app to run in the background even while the phone is locked, thus reducing battery consumption.

Image: The Triggertrap app performing a timed shutter release on iOS

The app features a number of new triggering options and modes. Triggertrap can be used as an interval calculator for timelapse, and a new TimeWarp feature uses algorithms to vary the acceleration of time intervals and thus make for more creative timelapses.

It can also use the various functions of smartphones as triggers. You can trip the shutter via sound, GPS, or even vibration. Triggertrap says to expect more of these in the future.

There are a number of HDR modes available, including long exposure HDR and even HDR timelapse.

Image: An HDR timelapse is certianly an interesting thought, we’ll have to see how well it works

Unique to Triggertrap is a mode called DistanceLapse, which creates timelapses by firing the shutter over pre-determined intervals of distance rather than time, using the phone’s GPS.

Like its predecessor, Triggertrap Mobile 2.0 is also Wi-Fi enabled. The company claims it can allow users to control more than 100 cameras at the same time, in case you ever find yourself in a situation where that proves necessary.

The app is capable of integrating with Triggertrap’s flash adapter, allowing for high-speed photography.

Triggertrap Mobile 2.0 is free to download. it can be used internally with a phone camera or hooked up to a supported camera using Triggertrap’s separately purchasable mobile dongle and a corresponding cable. The dongle currently costs £23.40, while the cables are £7.92.

Image: Triggertrap is compatible with a fair few cameras – each of these cables corresponds to a different DSLR camera

The app is available to download now from the iOS store or from Google Play. For more information, visit