A roundup of the weeks news

After a few months of being all quiet on the camera front, the market exploded with a clutch of new compacts. Fuji, Samsung and Panasonic all released models which look set to make an impact in the coming months.


 Panasonic FT10

Panasonic unveils five new models

Panasonic has announced five new additions to the Lumix compact range, including a prestige manual compact in the form of the LX5. Also announced was the FZ100, which has an impressive 24x optical zoom and 25mm wide angle lens, and the water, shock and freeze proof FT10.

The FZ45 is very similar to the FZ100 specs-wise, with the main difference being a slightly narrower lens at 27mm, and the FX700 which has a 24mm wide angle lens and a 5x optical zoom.


Fuji Z800

Fuji release three cameras

Fujifilm has expanded its compact camera range today with three new models. First up is the new Z800EXR – the model is one of the two to feature the new, second-generation EXR sensor offering 12MP resolution with, Fujifilm claims, class-leading dynamic range and low noise/high sensitivity options.

The second is the F300EXR which features the aforementioned 12MP, 1/2in Super CCD EXR sensor, with a full range of the EXR modes present. The model also features a 15x optical zoom, covering 24-360mm in 35mm equivalent terms.

Completing the trio of new compacts is the Fujifilm FinePix S2800HD. The model is the latest in the superzoom S series of Fuji’s and lays claim to being the world’s smallest 18x zoom camera.


Samsung ST100

Trio of new compacts from Samsung

Samsung has added to the current range of cameras with two LCD screens by unveiling the ST600 and ST100. Both offer a DualView mode, which allows users to frame up shots, display images or play short animations for features such as a countdown timer. Also launched was the PL 200 compact, which is aimed at consumers on a budget after a high-spec camera.

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