Outdoor photographers with a passion for geography are the target audience for a new GPS-ready digital camera.

Outdoor photographers with a passion for geography are the target audience for a new compact from Ricoh. The 500SE GPS-ready digital camera is capable of geo-coding images at the time of capture and then provides a range of features for tracking and pictures once transferred to a computer.

The 8MP, 3x optical zoom model comes in a rugged, rubberized body that ensures it is weather and shock proof in the great outdoors. Once the captured ?geo-images? and ?geo-video? files are transferred to a PC, they are automatically converted to shape files or merged into geo- databases for instant integration into Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Points representing each file’s position may be hovered over to display a thumbnail of the file, or clicked on to access the original image or video.

In addition to storing GPS data in the image and video files, the camera also utilizes a user-configurable ?data dictionary? to tag files with workflow-related information. These attributes become part of the GIS layer table for automated database integration.

What?s more, the camera is WIFI compatible for instant transfer of images to mobile devices. Other key features include:

Camera shake blur reduction
The 500SE reduces camera shake blur by combining high ISO settings with fast shutter speeds.

2.5-inch LCD screen

Powerful built-in flash
The built-in flash?s illumination extends 10 meters in wide-angle shots and 6.5 meters in telephoto shots.

28mm wide-angle zoom lens

Large buttons and dials
All buttons and dials are large enough to ensure users can easily operate the camera even when wearing gloves.

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