Take a look at Rob Smith's low-light photography: incredible cityscapes at dusk and at night

Image: ‘Looking South’. All images by Rob Smith

Low light photography may be more of a challenge, but that little bit of extra work can lead to fantastic results. If you need some inspiration, check out the work of Rob Smith, a British photographer living in Shanghai whose amazing cityscapes show the city at its finest. Take a look at some of our favourites:

Image: ‘Curve of the Bund’

Image: ‘Strange Mix’

Image: ‘Space City’

Rob captured his images with a Leica M9. ‘The manual controls of the M9 work well for cityscapes because you don’t need anything fancy, just put the camera on a tripod, focus on infinity, stop the lens down and fire,’ he says.

Image: ‘Zhujiajiao’

Image: ‘Looking West’

With the M9, Rob uses a number of different lenses, though his favourite is a Zeiss 50mm f/2.

with the M9 the resolution and sharpness is amazing and it really
brings out all the details in the buildings which I think is necessary
in cityscapes.

‘This lens is a gem and when compared with Leica glass
it’s real value for money,’ he says.

Image: ‘Bottle Opener’

Image: ‘Little and Large’

Rob’s still out taking pictures in Shanghai, and you can find loads more of his work on his Flickr page, or by following him on Twitter: @RobShanghai.