Sony has unveiled a new software image editing and management package called Photo that promises to provide u201ca fun, fast and easy way to organize, edit and share digital photos.u201d

Sony has unveiled a new way to edit and share photos with a new software package called
Photo Go. The image editing and management software promises to provide ?a fun, fast and easy way to organize, edit and share digital photos.?

?With ever-expanding digital lifestyles, and increasing use of digital cameras and cell phones for capturing still images, more and more people are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to manage their growing collection of digital images,? says Dave Chaimson, VP Marketing for Sony Media Software. ?Whether it?s simple fixes, photo printing, or uploading and sharing, our new program provides a very easy way for experienced photo editors as well as people who have never used photo management software to get started right away. This is a great new product that will not only enhance the holiday season for many people, but also provide them with a way to get even more enjoyment out of their digital images for years to come.?

Photo Go software lets users import photos from a camera or computer, and then displays them so users can browse, rotate, straighten and crop photos with built-in editing tools. Photo Go tools also let users adjust color, brightness and contrast, and remove red eye. Image management tools include the ability to sort photos by date, month and rating, as well as create customized views and searches.

When finished editing, users can share their images in a slideshow, print them using their own digital photo printer, email photos to family and friends, or upload them directly to the Sony ImageStation processing site. The new consumer photo editing software enables quick searching for pictures using tags, titles, and other keywords. Photo Go software supports all popular image formats including .jpeg, .tif, .bmp, and .png.

Photo Go Key Features
Interactive Show Me How tutorials
Import pictures from a USB-connected camera, memory card reader, or CD/DVD ROM.
Search for pictures using tags, titles, and other keywords
Rate favorite pictures for reference
Organize photos using customizable data labels
Group photos by year, month, day and file size
Create and view slideshows on computer
Rotate, straighten, mirror and crop photos
Adjust color, brightness, and contrast to create the perfect look
Auto-adjust photos with one click
Correct photos with red eye reduction
Email photos to family and friends
Order prints online directly from

Photo Go is available now priced £19.99 and includes a coupon for 100 free 4×6 prints from Sony ImageStation. More information can be found at

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