Sony Memory Stick PRO-HG DuoTHX card offering 50 MB/s data rates

A new version of the Memory Stick has been announced with a 50MB/s transfer rate, which is the fastest in that particular format. The new card is boasting the ability to take more images per minute than a Class 4 SDHC card, although it’s worth bearing in mind that SDHC now offers up to Class 10 speeds.

From the NEX-5 Sony quote up to 190 JPEGs in a minute on the high speed burst mode, where as only 80 were taken by a Class 4 card on the same settings. Although the competition between SDHC and Memory Stick may be something of a mute point now, with most Sony cameras taking both formats, it at least gives the user more choice on the format front.

The Sony Memory Stick PRO-HG DuoTHX will be available in 8, 16 and 32GB capacities, with prices yet to be announced. For more information go to