New 36.3MP sensor points to possible new full-frame Sony Alpha A950 DSLR

The announcement of the Nikon D800 may point towards a new full-frame Sony Alpha A950 DSLR waiting in the wings.

Sony is one of a handful of chip manufacturers, developing sensors for the likes of Nikon and Pentax, as well as for its own DSLR and SLT lineup. 

The latest 36.3-megapixel, full-frame CMOS sensor has been confirmed to feature in the forthcoming Nikon D800. Although there’s no sign of a Sony A900 replacement model as yet, the removal of the A850 from the company’s manufacture list at the end of 2011 also suggests that a new A950 model is on its way this year.

Will 2012 reveal a brand new Alpha A950 and what will its feature set be like? There’s no official news or announcement as yet, but watch this space for any further developments…