Revolutionary camera based on the Instagram photo sharing site said to be hitting retailers in early 2014

The designers at Socialmatic are in the process of developing their first ‘Instagram Camera’. The device will be branded under Polaroid and will come with a variety of accessories, lenses and filter effects in keeping with the Instagram theme.

The design is currently a square-shape, based around the icon of the Instagram smartphone app, but could be subject to change before its release next year.

This unique gadget is also Wi-fi and Bluetooth compatible, which allows users to upload and share your photos instantly on various social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

A range of features is currently mooted, including a 14MP main camera and 2MP front facing camera. A 4.3in touchscreen, LED flash, 4GB Internet Storage and a built-in printer are all also set to feature.

Similarly to traditional polariod prints, photos are printed in a post-it note form but lets you write a little message or caption at the bottom of them.

One concern for the Socialmatic Instagram Camera is the expenses for ink refills and photo paper, as it could get quite costly if you are regularly using your camera for printing purposes.

Rumours say that the starting price for the camera is around $300 but Socialmatic is yet to confirm a price.

The Socialmatic Instagram Camera looks set to resonate with a new generation of photographers a looks set to be a great seller. With already a 100 million people now using Instagram, this number is sure to grow when this product has been released.

More information on the design and features of the camera can be found on Socialmatic’s website, and we’ll keep you updated if we receive any new information in the next coming months.