Sigma has announced the DP2 Merrill will be available in the UK from the 12th July

Sigma has released availability and pricing information for the DP2 Merrill. Available on the shelves from the 12th July with a suggested retail price of £799, the compact features a 46 megapixel (4800x3200x3 layers), full colour Foveon X3 Merrill sensor measuring 23.5×15.7mm. Designed to capture all primary RGB colours at each and every pixel location, colour moiré is not generated, thus the reason it does not feature a low-pass filter. Sigma claims the sensor design captures light and colour with an effective three-dimensional feel.

The DP2 Merrill benefits from a Dual TRUE image processing engine dedicated to Foveon X3 direct image sensors with the intension of improving processing speed. The high-performance 30mm F2.8 lens has the equivalent angle of view as a 45mm (35mm equivalent focal length) lens and has been designed exclusively for the SIGMA DP2 Merrill to maximise the sensor performance. A glass mold aspherical lens and three high refractive index lenses provide correction for all types of aberrations.

A large volume buffer memory enables the camera to capture up to 7 RAW images per sequence in continuous shooting mode. Using the high speed data transfer and processing, the SIGMA DP2 Merrill features a continuous shooting speed of up to 4 frames per second. In addition, depending on the situation, it is possible to capture up to 5 frames per second and up to 14 images per sequence in continuous shooting mode in Medium and Low image quality mode.

The SIGMA DP2 Merrill features a 9 point select mode which can select the desired focusing point from 9 different frames and “Free move mode” which can move the desired point as you like. In addition, it is possible to select the size of the focus frame from three types; Spot, Regular and Large. The new AF+MF mode adjusts the focus manually after verifying the AF by rotating the focus ring.

With compact dimensions of 121.5mm (W) × 66.7mm (H) × 59.2mm (D) and weighing just 330g, the Sigma DP2 Merrill accepts SD cards and is compatible with the SDXC type.

More information including the full specification of the DP2 Merrill can be found here.