The Sigma DP2x features AFE technology, while the announcement of lenses for E-mount and Micro Four Thirds is bound to generate interest from the ever growing number of users of Compact System Cameras.

Sigma has announced the Sigma DP2x. An update to the DP2, the DP2X compact camera from Sigma features a 14MP FOVEON X3 image sensor (2652 x 1768 x 3 layers).

The new camera incorporates AFE (Analog Front End), which converts full colour data, which the FOVEON X3 capture system records, into a digital signal.  

This is claimed to improve definition and colour in images, while the new AF algorithm improves AF speed.  

Price and availability are to be confirmed.

New Compact System Camera lens development

Sigma has also announced it’ll be developing new lenses for the growing range of Compact System Cameras.

New lenses will be developed for Micro Four Thirds cameras and Sony’s E-mount.

Detailed information about specific focal lengths, product names and launch dates are still to be confirmed and will be announced in due course.