Serif has launched a new edition of its MoviePlus software.

Serif has launched a new edition of its MoviePlus software. Version 5 of the program enables users to edit, display and archive their video footage, audio clips and digital images, and for the first time introduces DVD Authoring, HDV support and QuickTime import and export.
Key advancements include the ability to preview movie projects on television using a DV camera to check colour definition, interlacing and apply TV-safe border alignments. QuickTime import and export and High Definition video support means that MoviePlus 5 now handles most popular current formats.
Media sources can be edited using tools such as Curves and Channel Mixer, and filter effects include Glow, 3D Bump Map, 3D Lighting and Bevel. New background presets offer animated Gradient Fills and further background options have been added for increased choice.
?MoviePlus 5 takes a previously complex area of computing and makes it accessible to everyone wanting to get the most from their digital media files,? said Gary Bates, Serif?s Managing Director. ?And with enough power to cater for advanced users as well, MoviePlus 5 represents great value for anyone wanting to develop their knowledge and experience of video-editing.?
MoviePlus 5 will retail at £59.99. You can find out full details of the software at