New Sanyo VPC-CA102 can shoot HD movies, 14MP stills and be submerged up to 3m

Sanyo has announced a new addition to their dual camcorder/camera range in the form of the VPC-CA102, an underwater model with the ability to take 14MP stills. 1080P video is also possible, and there’s 5x optical magnification and a ‘Face Chaser’ mode.

Sanyo has a number of similar models in it’s current range, offering movies and stills in a compact body. The fact that the VPC-CA102 can venture up to 3m underwater is certainly a bonus, especially as it seems capable of taking decent stills and video once submerged. The ‘Face Chaser’ mode combines AF tracking and face detection, so the camera can follow people around the frame without losing focus.

The upright pistol grip-style of the Xacti is certainly more camcorder than digital camera, and it’llbe interesting to see if the stills and video can successfully co-exist or if one medium is favoured over the other.
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