Ducati edition Extreme cards announced on the eve of U.S. MotoGP Grand Prix.

SanDisk has announced the latest release in conjunction with Italian-based motorcycle company Ducati.

The new range of memory cards are SanDisk?s fastest ever, with the Extreme Ducati edition CompactFlash and SD Plus cards offering respective transfer speeds of 45 and 20MB per second respectively

In comparison with the company?s previous products, the transfer rate of the CompactFlash card is twice as fast that of the SanDisk Extreme III card and 5MB faster than the new SanDisk Extreme IV card.

Initial distribution is planned for August in North America and Europe, with suggested retail prices of $169.99 for the 4GB CompactFlash card, $314.99 for the 8GB CompactFlash card and $129.99 for the 4GB SD Plus.

For more information and to pre-order, visit www.sandisk.com/Ducati.